The Krakow Literary Walks 2016 are starting!

This year, there will be roads still untraveled, but there also will be familiar, already well-trodden paths. Literary walks, organised once a month, are an opportunity to carefully explore the literary map of the city. Two Krakow guides – Anna Hojwa and Agnieszka Pudełko – will take the curious to where literature was created and lives in Krakow.


In the rich walking plan for 2016 are women’s walks – in the footsteps of Krakow’s female writers and of course the most important woman of Polish literature – Wisława Szymborska. There is also a Baltazar Gąbka walk, in theory for children, even though we already know there are adults impatiently waiting for it.

We will also meet foreign-language writers who worked in the capital of Małopolska, we’ll explore the winding paths of the rebellious poets. We’ll also visit the nooks and crannies associated with Stanisław Lem – his home and work, as well as places commemorating him.

Admission to all the walks is free, but due to the high interest, prior registration is required.


For more information and the fill schedule of the Literary Walks 2016, see here.

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