Another Literary Walk is over!

The literary walk in the trail of Stanisław Lem was concluded with an exceptional meeting with the master’s long-year secretary Wojciech Zemek. By courtesy of Wydawnictwo Literackie, the meeting was held in the unique scenery of the Mehoffer Room in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is rarely made available to visitors.

Questions asked by numerous participants seemed endless – and there was much to ask about! For example, we learned which of the books by Lem were appreciated by the author himself (and which were not appreciated at all) and at which pace he read (one book a day). We wondered about the attitude of the author of Solaris to virtual reality and we asked about the authenticity of the well-known quotation: ‘I never knew that there were so many idiots in the world until I accessed the Internet.’ We also heard the history of his “divorce letters” to Stanisław Bereś and learned which countries were experiencing the boom for his books at the moment (Spain and Turkey).

The next walk is scheduled already for the 16th of May on the occasion of the Miłosz Festival, and its subject-matter will be the patron of the festival himself. We invite you to join us!

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