Znak Celebrates Its Jubilee and Invites You to Opera Rara

The 700th issue of Znak monthly magazine, one of the oldest Polish periodicals, has been released. In the jubilee edition, the readers will find, among others, 7 key questions on the history of the magazine and special birthday discount coupons for the most important cultural events held all over Poland, including the December concert within the Opera Rara series – the world premiere of Francesco Maria Veracini’s Adriano in Siria.

This is a result of Znak’s cooperation with cultural institutions from nine Polish cities. You may use the discount if you come to the box office with a hard copy of the magazine. Fourteen institutions all over the country offer discounts – they include, apart from the Krakow Festival Office, Baltic Opera, Theatre of Silesia, National Museum in Wrocław and Stary Theatre in Lublin.

Meanwhile, an experiment entitled Drugie życie siedmiu pytań [The Second Life of Seven Questions] consisted in considering some important issues from the magazine’s history once more, namely atheism, censorship, literature or the approach to otherness, and asking these questions to contemporary authors: Jacek Dukaj, Norman Davies, Wiesław Myśliwski and Wojciech Orliński. Their answers were juxtaposed with text and opinions from the past from such authors as: Ryszard Kapuściński, Stanisław Lem, Czesław Miłosz, Józef Tischner.

To celebrate the jubilee, the editorial section of Znak has visited their readers for the first time in history. They managed to find a person who has been reading the magazine since its first issue of 1946. We would like to invite you to see a photographic reportage by Bogdan Krężel.

On this occasion, Znak has also released a series of mini-books which include a selection of the best articles from the magazine’s history and is preparing a limited edition of the reprint of issue no. 1. A special web site, www.700.znak.com.pl, gives details on all the projects.

Społeczny Instytut Wydawniczy ZNAK is the publisher of Znak monthly magazine.

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