Year five with the Second Life of a Book!

The Second Life of a Book keeps growing. Last year, nearly 3500 Cracovians swapped 16000 books, which makes the previous edition of the campaign largest to date.

In 2016, just like in the previous years, we’ve prepared a year-long programme of meetings as part of the Second Life of a Book. This year, there will be 15 book exchanges! The main meeting place will, as usual, be the Tourist Service Centre, where once a month, we will swap books; however, we’ve also prepared a few surprises for you.

Our programme could not exist without special editions: the first will take place in March, at the French Institute, as part of Francophonie Month. We will also meet in special circumstances at the Voivodeship Public Library during the Małopolska Book Days, and at the MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow) on the 31st of July. Special editions will also be held during the Miłosz Festival, the Conrad Festival and the Book Fair, during which readers will be able to take advantage of our Book Crossing shelves, which will be available to them during the literary events. When using the shelves, we apply the 1:1 rule – for every book taken, we leave one of our own.

The rules of participation in the Second Life of a Book exchanges are simple: bring at least one book (and ten at the most). Important: the books should be in good condition. Books published before 1995 can be exchanged only for other books published before 1995. Participants who bring new books (published after 1995) can select any books they want, both from the new and older volumes. Join the exchange!

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