The joy of directing “Il ballo delle Ingrate” was also a joy of exploring a mystery which cannot be solved: why does the work, commissioned as a courtly ballet to be performed at a wedding, close with a devastating lament? I decided to reach for “Ballo” for its musical beauty, and also because it is one of Monteverdi’s lesser-known works. When I choose material to direct, I look for works which are niche, less obvious, non-canonical. This is driven by my innate curiosity and by pragmatism: works which haven’t previously been staged on a grand scale are easier to bring to life without pretension and without having to deal with high expectations. This allows me to play with the form and use the stage as a setting for experimentation. I find joy in Baroque music to be as important as preparing an original adaptation of the score. In my spectacle, Monteverdi’s work is put in perspective by pieces written by women: the performance starts by Barbara Strozzi’s song “Che si puo fare” and closes with a musical reinterpretation of “Ballo” composed by Teoniki Rożynek. The representation and significance of gender in art and creating art as a job are issues I often explore in my spectacles, and I hope this production also inspires you to considers these aspects of our lives. Magda Szpecht


Claudio Monteverdi / Teoniki Rożynek

dir. Magda Szpecht

Festival Ensemble
Jolanta Kowalska – soprano, Amor
Ilona Szczepańska – alto
Vincenzo Capezzuto – Venus
Piotr Windak – tenor
Marek Opaska – baritone, Pluton
Zofia Wojniakiewicz – violin
Beata Nawrocka – violin
Jacek Dumanowski – viola
Mariusz Grochowski – viola
Konrad Górka – cello
Andreas Arend – theorbo
Marcin Świątkiewicz – harpsichord

Jan Simon – stage design/costume design
Ada Bystrzycka – lighting
Magdalena Piotrowska – sound

The show will be available only on www.playkrakow.com. Ticket information soon.

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