The writers’ weekend is coming

We would like to invite everyone who writes or dreams about writing to Pauza In Garden Club for the open event “Come Party with the Writers”, which will take place on the 23rd of April at 7:00 p.m.  Many attractions are prepared for the participants! On the 24th of April, a literary workshop with Jakub Ćwiek will inaugurate a series of workshops with writers, part of the UNESCO City of Literature Creative Writing Course.


A fantasy hero – literary workshop with Jakub Ćwiek 24th of April

Everything starts with a hero – no good book can exist without distinctive characters, and even the best constructed fantasy world is not enough without a good protagonist. Jakub Ćwiek, one of the most popular fantasy authors in Poland, known for his love for classic rock and popular culture, an expert and ardent populariser of comic books on the Polish market, author of a newly released novel Grimm City. Wilk! and 18 others, laureate of Janusz Zajdel Award will show us how to create a perfect protagonist.

The workshop will take place on Sunday, 24th of April at 12:00 p.m.

Cost: 50 PLN
Number of seats: 10

The location will be given out in an e-mail message, sent only to qualified participants.

The registration starts today! Click here.

The workshop with Jakub Ćwiek inaugurates a series of workshops with writers, prepared in cooperation with Maria Kula, an editor, author of many courses and literary workshops, as well as her own Novel Writing School.
The next workshop will take place on the 26th of May, led by Tomek Michniewicz, a journalist, traveller and author of best-selling travelling novels.

You can find out more about the workshops on the new website of the UNESCO City of Literature Creative Writing Course at www.pisz.miastoliteratury.pl


Come party with the writers – an open event about writing 23th of April

Imagine a warm, spring evening in Krakow. A café with poufs, a high ceiling and a white bar slowly fills up. There are many guests, all are different, but they all share one thing: they want to write. They would like to write. Writing is something important for them, they are interested with it.

The music turns off and the café slowly fills with voices of writers, who wrote their own novels for the past six months. They really need your applause!

And then, 8 great women stand before the audience. They had to overcome many obstacles in order to write. Some were small. Some weren’t. When one of them says “I stopped cleaning my house in order to have time for writing”, you feel the strength and freedom of choice, you know you can do it too. You can write. When another one tells the audience that she used to think she couldn’t write and now she just does it, you feel growing sympathy towards her. Another writer will tell about the pleasure of writing her novels, and another one who was bothered by her character until she sat down and started writing.

This is how Maria Kula, an editor and organiser of writing courses and workshops, describes the event. We have prepared a series of literary workshops with writers in cooperation with her. We can assure you that many attractions will await you on this day. The programme comprises reading fragments of novels by the participants of the Novel Writing School, inspiring stories of authors, meeting with the editor of the Wydawnictwo Literackie Publishing House, searching for our own stories and of course long discussions about writing!

Partners of the event: Krakow Festival Office, operator of the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature programme and Wydawnictwo Literackie publishing house.

Come party with the writers – 23 April at 7:00 p.m., Pauza In Garden

Find out more here.



We would also like to invite you to a Used Book Fair at St Mary Magdalene Square and the Weekend in Bookstores – the events will take place on 23-24 April as part of the World Book and Copyright Day celebrations.

You can find the detailed programme of the event here.

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