The premiere of Stanisław Lem’s biography is coming!

This is one of the most awaited book premieres this year. On August 2, Wydawnictwo Czarne with AGORA publishing houses will present Lem. Życie nie z tej ziemi [Lem. Life out of this world] by Wojciech Orliński – the first Polish biography of the author of The Cyberiad. Patronage over the book is held by Krakow UNESCO City of Literatue and lem.pl – the official Stanisław Lem website. The promotion of the book will be accompanied with a series of meetings with the author and literary critics, organised within major cultural events in Poland. All fans of Lem’s literature are invited to Krakow in September to celebrate Stanisław Lem’s birthday anniversary. Details will be available soon!

Lem. Życie nie z tej ziemi includes over 400 pages, where Wojciech Orliński, using still unpublished sources, explains certain mysteries from the writer’s life. How did Lem survive the Holocaust? Did he ever believe in communism? Why did he abandon the profitable career of a welder in 1945? How did he learn to read in English? What did he buy for the royalties for The Magellan Nebula [also known as The Magellanic Cloud]? What was it about in Solaris and why didn’t Andrzej Wajda finally turn it into a film?How the penpal friendship with Philip K. Dick turn into hatred, as a result of which Dick wrote a famous denunciation against Lem to the FBI? What were the links between Lem and Karol Wojtyła? How were the original versions of FiascoHis Master’s Voice and The Chain of Chance different from what Lem finally sent to his publisher? What did Lem’s cooperation with the democratic opposition look like? What mystery was hidden in the shed at the writer’s yard? When and where did Lem try drugs and what were his experiences? How much does the Rubens dachshund weigh? What was it like in PRL to buy a car, a house, “New York Times”, pass for the Kasprowy Mount, ignition switch for your Fiat, or a marzipan bar? And what does “sztamajza” mean?

The premiere of the book is accompanied with a nation-wide promotion trail with Wojciech Orliński’s meetings with the readers (upcoming events):

  • August 1 – Teatr nad Wisłą “Klancyk z Lema feat. Wojciech Orliński”
  • August 5 – OFF Festival Katowice, Kawiarnia Literacka
  • August 14 – Częstochowa, Odwach
  • August 17 – Literary Sopot
  • August 25-26 – POLCON Lublin
  • September 5 – Dreamers and Craftmen.House of Social Innovation (Warsaw)
  • September 12 – Stanisław Lem’s birthday anniversary in Krakow (Kino Kijów)
  • September 28 – Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw
  • October 26-29 – Conrad Festival, Book Fair in Krakow

In the meantime, feel invited to the celebration of Stanisław Lem’s birthday anniversary in Krakow (September 9-12), which will include:LemCon convent, final of the Lem mural contest, another edition of the Krakow Book Fair, a walk following traces of Stanisław Lem, and a celebrated gala at Kino Kijów.

Lem. Życie nie z tej ziemi

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