The premiere of a radio drama Serce ciemności (Heart of Darkness)

There are ongoing celebrations of the round anniversary of 160th birthday of Joseph Conrad that occurs this year. On this occasion, Krakow Festival Office, together with Krakow Radio Station would like to invite you to listen to a radio drama Serce ciemności with the participation of Jan Nowicki and Jerzy Trela. It will conclude the series of events commemorating the writer and his associations with Krakow and at the same time will be a pinnacle of the celebrations of 90th anniversary of Krakow Radio foundation jubilee. The premiere broadcast will be on air on Friday (1 December) at 7.00 p.m. We invite you to be near your radios!

Just now, the preparations for the newest radio drama are taking place in Krakow Radio studio. The drama is based on the latest, famous translation of Conrad’s novel – rendered into Polish by one of the most interesting Polish writers, Jacek Dukaj, published in 2017 by the Wydawnictwo Literackie publishing house. j. The original interpretation of the most famous writer’s novel Serce Ciemności, whose premiere took place during the 9th edition of the Conrad Festival was produced by Krakow Radio, in cooperation with Krakow Festival Office. It will honour 160thbirthday anniversary of the writer that falls on 3 December and which will be an event concluding 90 years of Krakow Radio operation. It is also a part of Conrad Year celebrations, in which Krakow Festival Office, the operator of the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature Programme, has also been engaged for many months. Similarly to a series of events that have so far been organized by the Office, the radio drama Serce ciemności is again aimed at showing that the writer’s work may be interesting for the readers of any age, and that the issues raised by the author are still relevant.

We will hear Conrad translated by Dukaj for 21st century Polish readers – as the author of the translation says– in the interpretation of two excellent actors: Jan Nowicki and Jerzy Trela. Małgorzata Warsicka – one of the most talented directors of the young generation – undertook the task of directing Serce ciemnościWhen preparing for work I always look for musicality in the text. This time the experience is extraordinary as Conrad’s text is of truly dark character – the director emphasizes – The meaning of the drama will mostly depend on the actors’ interpretation by Jan Nowicki and Jerzy Trela.

The original music for the radio version of Serce ciemności which will be performed live during the premiere was composed by Karol Napelski – a composer of instrumental, vocal and theatre music. It is a beautiful and poetic translation of Conrad – Karol Nepelski evaluates Dukaj’s translation – For some time, we have been experimenting together with Małgorzata Warsicka with music and word in the theatre. This radio drama is an excellent testing ground for our creative activities. What is significant, we have also reached for the instruments of African origin so as the context of the story sounded well. Musicians: Olga Rusin – vocal and Aleksander Wnuk – the drums also take part in this radio drama.

Serce ciemności radio drama is one of many activities implemented by Krakow Festival Office as part of the Conrad Year 2017 celebrations. The events that have been conducted so far, as well as the ones planned for the following weeks, involve different spheres of literature and culture. Their main theme is a travel understood as the writer’s life path that had started in Poland and that had later taken him to the furthest reaches of the world. During the celebrations we discover the traces of the writer’s presence, not only in the texts of culture, yet in the urban space as well. We have already had among others: a series of art workshops, during which children became familiar with Conrad – not only as an exceptional Polish writer but also as a person of a fascinating life history: a brave traveller, an adventurer and a globetrotter. We have also organised an edition of reporter-traveller Creative Writing Course inspired by the travelling and marine trend of the works left by the author of Typhoon and dedicated to the writer himself. The celebrations of the Conrad Year also include some detective workshops with Joseph Conrad which continue throughout November. We have been trailing the traces of the writer’s presence on the streets of Krakow during our literary walks, we have sent thousands of postcards from literary Krakow. There were also some showings of films which included frequently awarded works by Andrzej Wajda or Francis Ford Copolla. We cannot forget about the reading lessons organized together with Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation. After-school meetings with the literature, encouraged high school students to perceive the text thoroughly and develop the skills of critical thinking. All these events were organized as part of 9th Conrad Festival. Two important points of this truly exceptional year celebrations are still ahead of us: Conrad and Pop-texts scientific conference on 25 November at Jagiellonian University Faculty of Polish Studies and a premiere planned for the end of the month: Konwencje, stereotypy, złudzenia. Relacje kobiet i mężczyzn w prozie Josepha Conrada (Conventions, Stereotypes, Illusions. Women and Men Relationships in Joseph Conrad’s Prose)by Monika Malessa-Drohomirecka, a book by Universitas Publishing House, which will be published under the patronage of Krakow Festival Office.

The premiere of the radio drama Serce ciemności broadcast in Krakow Radio will take place on Friday (1 December) at 7.00 p.m. in Romana Bobrowska Krakow Radio Studio and will be performed live with the participation of audience. Re-broadcast on Saturday (30 December at 8.10 p.m.).

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