The Night of the Book: Conrad – we are inviting you on 27 October

As early as on 27 October at 7.00 p.m. in the seat of Krakow central office of the Jagiellonian Club we will meet again for an event which is a part of the Night of the Book project. This time we will refer to the work of Józef Korzeniowski during Conrad Festival that will be held in Krakow at that time.

Jądro ciemności (Heart of Darkness), Nostromo, Lord Jim, Kochankowie sztormowego morza (Swept from the Sea) – are only some of Joseph Conrad’s filmed works which reverberating widely through world’s cinematography. The works of the writer are inexhaustible sources of reflection on human’s nature and an occasion to ask newer and newer questions on the essence of humanity and the attitude of Man towards “a different one” – whoever or whatever “the different one” might be. The greatest filmmakers of the contemporary movie industry have been fascinated with Conrad’s works, Francis Ford Coppola and Ridley Scott, among others. To what extent are Conrad’s thought actual for us then? How much can we make now from his words that were written a hundred years ago?

Katarzyna Koćma, a publicist and a doctoral student of the Jagiellonian University’s Faculty of Polish Studies, who is involved in studying literature and the issue of intertextuality in the texts of culture, will be a guest of the event, during which we will watch one of the most successful film adaptations of the writer’s works.

The Night of the Book Project has been run by the Jagiellonian Club since 2015 and it was granted a patronage of Krakow UNESCO City of Literature. It organises the meetings and discussions on different forms and ways in which the literature functions in today’s world, and it is aimed at promoting readership and encouraging the Poles to read more often. By its nature, the Night of the Book: Conrad will fit the celebrations of the Year of Joseph Conrad that are being held in Krakow this year.

The venue: Jagiellonian Club, 34 Main Market Square, right backhouse, 3rd floor.

You are invited! On Friday 27th October, from 7.00 p.m. we shall be reading and discussing all night long!


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