The first ICORN Scholarship Holder in Wrocław!

Wrocław has recently received its first scholarship holder within the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN) Programme! Umar Abdul-Nasser, a poet and musician from Iraq, whose work had been deemed incompatible with Islamic Law by IS, has been granted a two-year refuge in the city. He is a poet and musician, who in his work often returns to the subject of peace. He specializes in performance poetry, presenting his own compositions to the accompaniment of his musical productions. He is considered an experimental poet and many of his appearances have been published online through YouTube.

ICORN offers a place of refuge to writers and human rights defenders who cannot live and create freely in their own countries because of persecutions. Krakow has been a member of the network since 2011 and has received six writers to date, including the Turkish writer Asli Erdogan. Wrocław joined ICORN in late 2015 and waited over a year to welcome the first scholarship holder.

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