The Film about Pilch – a photo reportage from the Krakow premiere

Take a look at the photo gallery from the Krakow premiere of The Film about Pilch which was given at Pod Baranami Cinema on 18 April 2017.

A story about an outstanding writer, publicist and screenwriter, the portrait of one of the most outstanding contemporary prose writers, the winners of many awards in literature. The story consists of interviews with the writer’s friends and the writer himself. The Film about Pilch had its premiere at Pod Baranami Cinema on 18 April (Tuesday) at 7.00 pm. We could see the film creators and the writer’s friends on the red carpet. Before the film screening, a meeting was held with the director Adam Lewandowski, the author of the famous biography Pilch w sensie ścisłym (Pilch in the Strict Sense) Katarzyna Kubisiowska and Maciej Jakubowiak. Małgorzata I. Niemczyńska, a journalist moderated the discussion.

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