The competition for a mural by Galeria Krakowska shopping centre is starting

Krakow’s space will be richer with another literary mural – this international competition will identify the design to cover the northern wall of the Galeria Krakowska Shopping Centre.The author of the winning work, inspired by Stanisław Lem’s literature, will receive 15 000 PLN!

“We welcome visual artists, particularly dealing with street art,” says Artur Wabik, Krakow artist and Artistic Director of the competition.“We don’t care about their experience, as we count both on applications from experienced artists, and on debutants.”

The competition is organised on the initiative of Skanska who is currently constructing High5ive complex of office buildings on Pawia Street, next to the planned mural.“Our investment closes the long-term process of revitalising the area near the Main Railway Station in Krakow,” Ewa Koziana from Skanska Property Poland points out.”The contest for the mural, and then execution of the winning design, will help to improve the quality of public space around High5ive,” she adds.

“Four years are passing since we resolved the «Mall Wall Art» international competition for mural on the Galeria Krakowska Centre from the side of the Railway Station,” reminds Jarosław Szymczak, Director of Galeria Krakowska.“The work by Justyna Posiecz-Polkowska, referring to the art of Jan Szczepkowski, has become a landmark of the city.I hope that the new mural will become another high-end landmark of Krakow.

The buildings of High5ive, Galeria Krakowska, and the Railway Station form part of the main transport node in Krakow, with crossings of pedestrian, vehicle, tram, and railway trails.This means that the mural executed according to the winning design will be viewed on daily basis by thousands of passengers, residents, and office employees.Designing an attractive painting for such a large group of viewers is a major challenge.

In a way, this task may be made easier by the topic involving the work by outstanding Krakow writer, Stanisław Lem, which is perfect for the space.“We hope that the rich literary works by the author will serve as inspiration to participants,” says Robert Piaskowski,Deputy Programme Director at the Krakow Festival Office which cooperates with the organisers.“Such a topic perfectly matches the long-term programme to cherish the memory of Stanisław Lem under the KBF’s programme UNESCO City of Literature, which is to have its highlight at the 100th birthday anniversary, upcoming in a few years,” he points out.

Murals form an indispensable element of an urban landscape, inscribing into the historical, social, and urban context of cities.Such artistic interventions are increasingly organised not only by city artists, but also by private investors who, owing to cooperation with municipal authorities and local entities, help to improve urban space.Frequently – as in this case – such measures are performed in cooperation of several public and private entities, which extends the range of action, guarantees proper organisation, and contributes to their prestige.

“Stanisław Lem could unerringly guess human nature, hence his works are still up to date,” adds Artur Wabik.“I wish all applicants that their works and designs prove equally timeless and perfectly matching with the urban tissue.



Applications can be sent via an interactive form at the website: www.high5ive.pl from June 5 to August 31, 2017. The result will be announced in the first half of September, while the award will be handed in during one of the event accompanying Stanisław Lem’s 96th birthday anniversary.The execution of the winning work is planned for autumn 2017.The main prize totals 15 000 PLN.

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