Svetlana Alexievich wins Noble Prize in Literature!

Today at 1 PM, the Swedish Academy announced that Svetlana Alexievich, a Belarusian writer and journalist is this year’s laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature. She is the 14th woman in history to be awarded the prestigious Prize. The Nobelist will meet the readers on the 19th of October, during Conrad Festival.
Alexievich is known for her courageous books about the often overlooked and repressed history of Russia: the Chernobyl disaster, the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, the participation of women in World War II, wartime fortunes of children and everyday life after the fall of Communism.
The writer is a laureate of many international awards, such as National Book Critics Circle Award, Swedish Pen Club Award, Leipzig Book Award for European Understanding and the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize. She was also awarded the French Order of Arts and Letters in the degree of Officer.
The Polish readers will have an opportunity to meet Alexievich during the literary Conrad Festival in Krakow. We would like to invite you to the meeting on the 19th of October at 5 PM in Under the Rams Palace (Pałac Pod Baranami).

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