Summary of the 20th UNESCO World Book Day

Summary of the 20th UNESCO World Book Day

On that day, it was worth leaving work earlier in order to… become engrossed in reading. We spent the 20th UNESCO World Book Day in bookshops and proved that the centre of Krakow abounds in soulful literary places.

The readers who visited Bona, Czuły Barbarzyńca, De Revolutionibus, Ha!art, Lokator, Massolit, Matras 1610 and Pod Globusem bookshops had an opportunity to meet Krakow writers and poets standing behind the counters. Wit Szostak engaged an unaware girl from Warsaw in a long conversation about books by Wiesław Myśliwski and Łukasz Orbitowski from De Revo’s offer, Sławomir Shuty recommended new releases of Korporacja Ha!art, and Jerzy Franczak and Soren Gauger gave advice to customers in their natural environment: Lokator and Massolit bookshops. Finally, Adam Zagajewski met visitors of the Matras bookshop in the Main Square, and Zośka Papużanka recommended children’s books and colouring books in Pod Globusem.

All of these places have one thing in common: a cultural program, the staff that loves its job and a personal choice of books that is a work of art in itself. We encourage you to visit Krakow bookshops! Many of them are yet to be discovered.

On that day, an occasional literary walk took place in Krakow, too. Not only did we learn how old the oldest bookshop in Krakow is, but we also became familiar with the history of Massolit, walked through Szpitalna – the Krakow street of second-hand bookshops and learned in which bookshop you can arrange a meeting with a fortune-teller.

Photos by Tomasz Wiech

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