Registration for Rymoliryktando opened

Registration for the third edition of Rymoliryktando – a national performer spelling competition prepared by valued songwriter, Łukasz L.U.C. Rostkowski – has been launched. Everyone who registers online at: www.rymoliryktando.pl by the 22nd of October will be able to face this arch-difficult dictation material. This year, the event will take place on the 26th of October in Krakow and the Council for Polish Language will be its honorary patron. The venue will be selected by the participants themselves. You may enter your proposals until the 20th of September by sending e-mail to: Ry2013@eluce.pl.

“Reklamy żółtopióry hiperszaszłyk arterie skradłszy, już wsie żyrzyńskie zeżarł trzy,” the brave participants of last year’s edition of Rymoliryktando had to face the challenge of this and many other equally difficult sentences. It turned out that spelling was not the only catch in this text. Its author made the task even more difficult by applying a characteristic “desyllabication” and plays on words while reading it out loud. Additionally, the original stage design from the film Kingsajz [King Size] with a giant teapot was to disturb the participants. So far, no one has managed to avoid mistakes in the dictation.

This year’s edition will surely be as hard but it is worth making an effort. The winner, apart from fun and adventure they will experience, will be rewarded with PLN 10,000. There are also cash prizes for the first and the second runner up (PLN 5,000 and 3,000 respectively). But it is not only about winning and prizes. “Apart from inviting people to a language game, we wish to provoke a reflection and start a discussion on the development of language, emphasize the importance of words and the value of keeping them,” L.U.C. comments. The dictation will be accompanied by a performance and concerts given by the most outstanding Polish songwriters, as well as by workshops and a discussion panel.

Along with launching the registration process for Rymoliryktando, the organizers will reveal the identification of the event. L.U.C invites young talented Polish graphic designers to each edition of Rymoliryktando, to interpret its identification. So far, Rymoliryktando posters have been designed by Wojtek Piotrowski of Wrocław’s JUICE and Piotr and Gosia of Poznań’s KINEZA. This year, Rymoliryktando’s identification has been created by Mateusz Kołek, a Krakow-based graphic designer, whose works are appreciated for their extremely unique style.

The event will be broadcast live on television and radio, so anyone can participate in Rymoliryktando. The organizers emphasize, however, that in order to enable all participants to have equal chances in the competition, the winners of past editions will not be able to win again. More information is available at: www.rymoliryktando.pl

Subsidized from the resources of National Centre for Culture within the scope of its programme “Culture – Interventions”.

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