The project ‘Read PL!’ – is a continuation of the project ‘Read KRK!’, which this year will range beyond Krakow. From the 1st of October, there will be 300 places, renting out free e-books in cities such as: Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk and of course, Krakow. At each place, you will be able to rent out one of 12 books. Among these books you’ll find, among others, the latest novel by Marek Krajewski, best-selling story about Marcin Wicha’s designs, and entertaining stories for children by Martin Prokop.

‘Read PL!’ is the first project of this kind organized on such a large scale, in the world. It is created by the Krakow Festival Office , program operator – Krakow City of Literature by UNESCO and the platform for e-books – Woblink.com.

To rent a book, just download the mobile application for ‘Read PL!’, and then scan the  QR-code placed on a poster with the cover of the book. The e-books can be read on a Smartphone or tablet, and the posters with the book covers will be placed in the media advertisement section on bus stops around in Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

‘Read PL!’ promotes the use of literature using new technologies, on a scale not previously known in Poland or Europe. We expect that the service will benefit up to a 100.000 people.” – says Izabela Helbin, director of the Krakow Festival Office. “This is the first collaboration of its kind, with other cities. We have joined forces for a beautiful cause, and we believe that together, we can make a good influence.” – Helbin adds.

So far, the campaign was showcased exclusively in Krakow, and with great success. The rental of free e-books benefited several thousand people. – “The success of the previous editions, encouraged us to take the project beyond the Krakow area. Our ambition was to create a nationwide campaign and to promote literature in a modern and friendly installment. We hope that this will be just the beginning and that there will be more, even more interesting, editions to come.” – says Mateusz Tobiczyk of the e-book platform, Woblink.com, which organizes the campaign alongside the Krakow Festival Office.

Among the titles that will be offered at the 300 e-libraries, you’ll find both bestsellers and the more ambitious publications. For those who love new technology and crime genres, the books – ‘Arena Szczurów’ by Mark Krajewski, ‘Kasacja’ by Remigiusz Mroza and ‘The Soul of Another’ by Lukasz Orbitowskiego, will be available. Fans of powerfull history, will be able to rent  Patryk Vega’s uncompromised conversations with police officers – ‘Zle Psy’. In the name of principles and the first thriller – Tomasz Lipko’s ‘Notebook’, will be available. The lovers of great literature will be able to find one of the most important Scandinavian novels of the 20th century – ‘Colossus’ by Finn Alnaes.

In the ‘Read PL!’ e-libraries you’ll also find the best-seller ‘Jak przestałem kochać design’ by Marcin Wicha, the last novel from the series ‘Uniwersum Metro 2033’ – ‘Otchłań’ by Robert J. Szmidt, an entertaining Czech novel – ‘Ostatnia Arystokratka’ by Evzena Bocka, a reportage about women in their 30’s originating from small towns, gathered in the volume ‘Zaduch’ by Marta Szarejko, and ‘Obietnica Lucji’ by Dorothy Gąsiorowska.

The free ‘Read PL!’ application will be available in App Store and Google Play. The ‘Read PL!’ campaign starts the 1st of October and will last until the end of the month, to the 31st of October. The phone application ‘Jakdojade.pl’ will help the readers find their way to the citylights with the best books, in all the cities.

Organizers: Krakow Festival Office – programme operator, Krakow City of Literature by UNESCO and e-book platform, Woblink.com

Collaborating cities: Gdansk, Katowice, Poznan, Wroclaw.

Publishing partners: Czwarta Strona, Dom Wydawniczy PWN, Insignis Media, Karakter, Od deski do deski, Stara Szkola, Wielka Litera, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Wydawnictwo Otwarte, Znak Emotikon and Znak Literanova.

The project was financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the programme, Reading Promotion.

More information about the campaign can be found on the website: www.czytajPL.pl

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