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Amazon recently opened its first physical store in Seattle. Whatever our opinion about the American giant’s practices, one thing is certain – these days, we need direct contact with books more than ever before. Today, an all-city promotional campaign begins in Krakow – supporting bookstores, which are cultural centres and places where social ties are made. Read locally! Brings attention to unique and original initiatives, and bookstores that conduct regular, proprietary and grass-roots cultural activities. As it turns out, there are plenty of them in Krakow!

In cooperation with the booksellers, we have prepared an exceptional gadget: a bookbag designed by known graphic artist and book cover designer, Przemek Dębowski. This is a present you will be able to get with the purchase of three books in all bookshops taking part in the campaign. The list of shops is found below.

We have also prepared a series of interviews with the employees and exceptional regulars and friends of eight bookshops in Krakow: De Revolutionibus, Bonobo, Massolit, Pod Globusem, Lokator, Ha!art, Matras at Main Square and the antiquarian bookshop Rara Avis at Szpitalna Street. Telling us about why such places are worth visiting and supporting will be, among others, Tomasz Pindel, Mateusz Pakuła, Zośka Papużanka, Ziemowit Szczerek, Wojciech Bonowicz and Professor Aleksander Krawczuk.

The material is absorbing – our interviewees not only share their thoughts with us, but also their experiences with the lives of small Krakow bookshops. We will learn about the history of the most faithful customer of the bookshop at Main Square 23 (he has been a regular for 80 years!), we’ll read about the complicated fate of Krakow’s Lokator, where the novels of Jerzy Franczak and Łukasz Orbitowski were written, as well as the plays of Mateusz Pakuła. We will learn why it’s worth to buy a first edition of Pan Tadeusz and why the rara avis turned out to be the most expensive Polish book sold in the 20th century. We will also find out which Krakow bookshop survived the attacks of the “chicken-man” and what connects a cosy bookshop with a vegetable stand.

Look for the interviews in the pages of national media, as well as on our website.

Read locally! – support the bookshops of our city!

List of bookshops taking part in the campaign:

Bonobo – travel bookshop
Bona Książka i Kawa
De Revolutionibus Books & Café
Czuły Barbarzyńca w Krakowie
Jak wam się podoba – a shop with books
Księgarnia Edukator
Księgarnia Jedynka
Księgarnia Hiszpańska Elite
Księgarnia Korporacji Ha!art
Księgarnia Młoda i Muzealna
Księgarnia Pod Globusem
Księgarnia PWN w Krakowie
Księgarnia Italicus
Lokator Kawa & Książki
Massolit Books & Coffee
MOCAK Bookstore
Muza Salon Książki

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