QR-code of the Czytaj PL (Read PL) action on the Internet… in return for a promise.

Czytaj PL posters are not available in your town? They are only situated in not easily accessible (places (high school whose entrance is guarded by a formidable janitor accompanied by a group of students on duty)? We have decided to listen to your requests and as in the previous year, share posters enabling you to join the action on the Internet. However, to get them, you need to make a very special promise…

I, a lover of books and reading, will shortly download a free poster with a QR-code which will give me an access to 12 complete e-bestsellers for free. At the same time, I hereby promise that I shall print the poster and hang it in a conspicuous place so as the others could use it freely, giving me the satisfaction of infecting the others with reading.

Every person that agrees to make such a promise, can download the poster available in four different formats. Furthermore, people who had downloaded the poster may take part in a competition “Książka za obietnicę” (“A book for a promise”) and win a PocketbookAqua2 e-book reader together with e-books voucher for the Woblink bookshop. All you have to do is to send a photo and the location of the poster hanged, through a form available on THIS WEBSITE.


kod QR akcji czytaj pl – kliknij w link

The posters added to the form will also be marked on the map of this year’s action. Last year, thanks to the commitments from web users who kept their promises, the action reached additional 120 cities and towns, 4 countries, as well as another continent (Australia)!

The organizers of the Czytaj PL action consequently bet on the enthusiasm and involvement of the readers themselves in promoting the action. Since the beginning of November, thousand of high school students all around the country have proudly been wearing t-shirts with QR-codes that enable to download e-books and audiobooks on their smartphones.

First points marking posters hanged by the readers themselves (color-coded purple) can already be found on this year’s map.

Take advantage of our action, devote yourself to reading and if you like what we do and like the Woblink application, then remember to rate it 5 stars. It is really helpful in preparing new surprises for you!


[Source: www.czytajpl.pl]

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