Poems to which I am most attached…

An instrumental mantra will accompany Ryszard Krynicki’s texts and contribute to stirring emotions. On 18th September, the Poet – with the accompaniment of the Rdzeń2 band – will read those of his poems which are closest to him. Podgórska Jesień Kulturalna (Podgórze Cultural Autumn) is traditionally the biggest one of all events organized by Dom Kultury Podgórze (Podgórze Cultural Centre). This year’s festival commences the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of attaching Podgórze to Krakow, which took place in July 1915.

Within the frame of the Podgórze Cultural Autumn, an innovative project by Ryszard Krynicki and Piotr Lutyński entitled “Wiersze, do których jestem najbardziej przywiązany…” (“Poems to which I am most attached…”) will take place in the Podgórze Cultural Centre auditorium (13 Sokolska Street) on 18th September at 6 p.m. This unusual form of presenting literature has been inspired by the enchantment with the exceptional poetry and person of Ryszard Krynicki.
The Rdzeń2 band members are:

Piotr Lutyński – project manager
Rafał Kukiełko – music, bass
Piotr Lutyński – violin, whistling
Grzegorz Kossowski – guitar
Kacper Ivo Matuszewski – drums
Leszek Hefi Wiśniowski – saxophone, flute

The band will feature Joachim Mencel, a talented jazz musician, pianist and composer. Moderation: Marta Półtorak
Entrance is free. You are heartily invited!

More information about the meeting and the Podgórze Cultural Autumn to be found at www.dkpodgorze.krakow.pl

Source: www.wydawnictwoa5.pl

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