Pilch w sensie ścisłym and Rozdarta zasłona under the patronage of Krakow – UNESCO City of Literature


You will find them in book stores. Pilch w sensie ścisłym, the controversial first biography of the author created with and in spite of the writer, as well as Rozdarta zasłona, where Maria Szymiczkowa returns with a double dose of secrets hidden in Krakow’s townhouses, sprinkled with a greater dose of humour. This autumn, Krakow – UNESCO City of Literature – will be the patron of the two unique premieres. 

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„Pilch w sensie ścisłym” Katarzyna Kubisiowska
Znak Publishing House

It might have seemed that Jerzy Pilch said everything about himself in his books. It is, however, not true. It is also not true that his trembling hands were the result of alcoholism or, as other might prefer – a punishment for his sins. The best-selling writer successfully hidden many secrets beneath the shroud of literary fiction. Sometimes cunning and charming, sometimes cold and inaccessible. This controversial first biography of the author was created with Pilch and against him, stripping him off his fiction and showing the truth and only truth. Jerzy Pilch“How much time did they give you? “Two years.” “Yeah… So they are counting on my death before they publish it.”

Katarzyna Kubisiowska is a journalist working for Tygodnik Powszechny and author of many interviews with Jerzy Pilch. In reality the work on the biography of the writer started 20 years ago – even though the author wrote it in just three years – when the two artists met for the first time and started talking with each other – on private ground at first.


„Rozdarta zasłona” Maryla Szymiczakowa (Jacek Dehnel, Piotr Tarczyński)
Znak Literanova Publishing House

A giant crowd at the Różnowski family villa – a body of a young girl was found on the Vistula bank. Another tragedy took place at the Szczupaczyński family house: Karolcia – a recently trained servant – suddenly resigned. Easter is coming and Zofia Szczupaczyńska needs to take care of the entire house with just one servant! She also knows that she has a duty as a citizen to help solve the mystery of the murder, even if that means she will have to break most – if not all – of the rules of a lady of the house. Will she manage to unveil the dark secrets of Krakow in 1895?

After the best-selling Tajemnica Domu Helclów, Maryla Szymiczkowa returns with yet another investigation, even more secrets hidden in Krakow’s townhouses, a giant dose of passion and even more humour. Maryla Szymiczkowa – a widow of a Przekrój subscriber, queen of pischinger, former star of Piwnica Pod Baranami and proofreader at Tygodnik Powszechny. After the success of Tajemnica Domu Helclów, she decided to devote her career to mystery novels.

Maryla Szymiczkowa was brought to life by Jacek Dehnel (b. 1980) – writer, poet and translator, author of a blog devoted to an inter-war mystery tabloid Tajny Detektyw and Piotr Tarczyński (b. 1983) – translator, historian and expert on American culture from Kraków, who has been living in Warsaw for past ten years.

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