Philosophy and Literature. The Krakow lectures

On 22nd May, at 7.00 p.m., in the movie theatre at the Malopolska Garden of Arts in Krakow, Professor Dariusz Czaja will give a lecture belonging to the Anthropology and fictions series. It will focus on such issues as historical objectivism, the role of facts and imagination in the creation of the past and what it was really like. The starting point for the considerations will be a book by Jean d’Ormesson, The Glory of the Empire (La gloire de l’Empire).

The purpose of the project Philosophy and Literature. The Krakow Lectures consists in creating a space for philosophy and literatures lovers. On average, the lectures will be given every three months throughout the entire calendar year. They will be open to general public and admission will be free.

Detailed information on the website: www.wyklady-krakowskie.pl.

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