Peter Pomerantsev at MCK!

Peter Pomerantsev. The author of Nothing is True, Everything is Possible: Adventures in Modern Russia, perhaps the most widely discussed collection of documentaries about Russia in Poland after the famous White Fever by Jacek Hugo-Bader, will meet with readers at the International Cultural Centre on September 28th at 18:00.

The meeting will be moderated by Jerzy Bahr.
Nothing is True, Everything is Possible: Adventures in Modern Russia is a surreal journey into Putin's Russia, where the Kremlin-controlled television constitutes the only common reference point for 140 million people from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean. The narrative about the Russian president, a handsome, energetic hunter who put an end to the chaotic democracy of the 90s, is interspersed with absurd tales of seduction by oligarchs, gangsters that make action films about themselves, the obsession with luxury and imitation of the West, combined with a selective understanding of values on which the West was founded. Pomerantsev is an ambiguous figure, a Briton of Russian descent, who for nine years worked for the Russian television. He describes the world in which he participated with great insight. 

This is an opportunity for an especially interesting event!

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