Oh dear, poems are alive!

Julian Tuwim is one of the most popular poets of the 20th century. His beautiful poems move and entertain subsequent generations of readers, both children and adults. As 2013 has been announced the Julian Tuwim Year and the 13th of September is the poet’s birthday anniversary, Czas Dzieci Foundation is organising events in Poland’s five largest cities in on that day.

We will put the alphabet into order again at Preston Centre on the corner of św. Anna and Wiślna streets in Krakow. We will dress as colourful letters and we will make living words. Finally, we will form an inscription Abecadło Tuwima [Tuwim’s Alphabet] together. Children will have a chance to play the longest round of Operator and many other word games.

Julian Tuwim also wrote for adults with no lesser dash and linguistic flair. Witty retorts, funny aphorisms, juicy phrasing, plays on words, plays on conventions and genres – all of this constitutes a literary feast for all enthusiasts of Tuwim’s works. Hence the idea for Tuwim po zmroku [Tuwim By Night] project which consists in placing Julian Tuwim’s aphorisms on the wall of buildings in the centre of the city. In Krakow, the Preston Centre building will dress Pałac pod Baranami (ul. św. Anny) in poems.

The happening is part of a nation-wide project executed by the Czas Dzieci Foundation, Lokomotywa wciąż ma parę! [Locomotive Still Runs on Steam!], the aim of which is to promote the poet’s works among readers of all ages through innovative activities and marketing techniques. The organizers would like to bring Tuwim’s poetry into the public space and prove that literature is at home not only in schools and libraries. The project’s framework also includes an academic conference and jubilee competitions.

More information is available at: tuwim.czasdzieci.pl/o-projekcie

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