Of Mexican literature – a tribute to Octavio Paz

As part of the celebrations of the hundredth anniversary of the birthday of Octavio Paz – a great Mexican poet and essayist, and the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990 – the Mexican Embassy in Poland and the Cervantes Institute in Krakow invite the audience to a meeting with representatives of Mexican literature in its three aspects: essays, prose and poetry. Hernández Jorge F. – an essayist, novelist and Paz’s friend, David Toscana – a novelist, and Gerardo Beltrán – a poet, translator and academic teacher, will present Octavio Paz’s oeuvre and will talk about the context of Mexican literature into which it is inscribed, and in which this figure is a permanent point of reference and of compulsory reminiscences. The meeting will be held on Thursday, 29th May, from 12:15 to 14.30, at the Cervantes Institute (12 Kanonicza Street). It will be held in Spanish with simultaneous translation to Polish. The admission is free.

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