No Dwarves are Coming

Thursday, 26 September 2013, 6.30 p.m.

On history and more: a meeting with Agnieszka Podpora, translator of Sara Shilo’s No Dwarves are Coming.

It was six years ago that Mas’ud Dadon, known in the town as the king of falafel, was stung by a bee, fell into a puddle of oil and died, and the luck that painted Simona Dadon’s world pink suddenly turned away from her. She was left alone with a cluster of kids and she struggled to keep her head above water. And katyushas would shell the town time and again from over the Lebanese border…
No Dwarves are Coming is an excellent novel about ordinary people that cope with the difficult daily life in the borderlands in an extraordinary manner. It’s a story of youthful dreams and boundless love told by several voices. Sara Shilo is exceptionally skillful in building her characters, boldly going into the forbidden regions, bordering on tabu. The book has won several major Israeli literary awards, including the prize awarded by the Israeli Ministry of Culture of the best debut, the Tel Aviv University Award, and the Pinchas Sapir Award.

Shilo managed to show the Israel that the world has so far known very little about. (The Independent)

Admission is free of charge!

The event is a part of the Museum Means More programme financed by the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund.

The Czarne publishing house is a partner of the event.

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