News from Krakow on the UNESCO City of Literature page

There are so many books published in Krakow all the time, sometimes it is hard to keep track of every single one of them. That is why we have created a tracking tool for the most interesting publications from the one and only Polish UNESCO City of Literature.

Krakow is the capital of the Polish publishing industry. The city’s publishing houses are famous and well-known throughout Poland – both the biggest ones, publishing the best literary works and top-of-the-line authors, but also the smaller – but no less interesting – ones, boasting beautiful graphic design and high quality of published books. Every month Krakow sees dozens – if not hundreds – worthwhile literary works published.

Panic by Lauren Oliver, Skok w dal by Jerzy Kronhold, Zawsze nie ma nigdy by Jerzy Pilch, Sekret Zegarmistrza by Renata Kosin or The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – thanks to our cooperation with Lubimy Czytać, the largest Polish book portal, on our main page you can find books published in Krakow that are worth recommending. The titles, presented on the website are selected at random from the list of books published in recent months using a mysterious algorithm, the works and intricacies of which remain unknown to us.


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