Multimedia summary of the literary year 2015 in Krakow

Literature is an inseparable and extremely intensive part of Krakow’s life. From today, a multimedia report documenting the most important literary events of 2015 will be available on our website: 2015.miastoliteratury.pl .

The last year confirmed that literature is one of the foundations of Krakow’s cultural life. Its development means intense and active work, but also a source of huge satisfaction for us. We have many reasons to be happy – looking back, we see a fascinating picture of hundreds of events, institutions and, most importantly, people who cannot imagine their lives without a book. Krakow as the UNESCO City of Literature had many unique proposals for them last year.

Thus, we invite you to visit, watch, read and recollect and to plan another successful literary year in Krakow with us.

See more at: www.2015.miastoliteratury.pl

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