Move the Book!

From 29th May 2014, in selected pubs and cafés in Krakow, free booklets with fragments of classical literature and illustrations will be available. The action aimed at promoting reading amongst secondary-school and university students will be inaugurated with an exceptional meeting with Dorota Segda, which will be held on 29th May, at 7.00 p.m. at De Revolutionibus (14 Bracka Street). The actress will read excerpts from America by Franz Kafka, which one can find in the bookstore-café during the action. The other booklets, i.e., Espérance by Hermann Broch, The Odessa Tales by Issac Babel, Sól Ziemi (The Salt of the Earth) by Józef Wittlin and The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez by Arthur Conan Doyle can be found in the nearby Nowa Provincja café (3-5 Bracka Street), as well as in Café Szafé (10 Felicjanek Street), in Cafe Fińka (47 Józefińska Street) and in Café Cheder (36 Józefa Street). A competition has also been prepared for the Move the Book! participants. The prize is a very rare book – the first, post-war edition of the collection of poems by Józef Czechowicz, dating back to 1949. It will be handed to the first person who after the end of the inauguration comes to the Krakow Info Point in the Wyspiański Pavilion, at 2 Wszystkich Świętych Square, with the complete set of booklets.

Idea behind the action:

Poles do not read. This must be changed. After all, reading is one of the most pleasant activities in life. Reading creates worlds and gives birth to images exceeding any other experience. Readers have their favourite books, often editions from many years ago. They are their most precious treasures. The contents is associated with a particular cover design, or with a remembered illustration. Once, illustrations constituted an inherent element of a book. A book was a complete entity, a uniform whole – it was a treasure trove of experience. It was fascinating – the interweaving of image and words, the emergence of vision on the verge of the invented and the perceived. Our booklets were born out of love of literature. They contain the name of the author, the title, an excerpt of prose and an illustration.

Initiators of the action:

Paulina Pikiewicz, Wojciech Grabowski.


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