Ministry of Culture and National Heritage will co-finance the KFO’s festivals

The sum of PLN 4,192,300 will be allocated to the Krakow Festival Office to support festivals organised by the Office. In 2014 the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage will allocate PLN 3,790,000, whilst the EOG Financial Mechanism will offer support totaling PLN 402,300. The co-funding from the Ministry is the highest in the last three years. This year’s subsidy is PLN 1,360,000 higher than last year!

That’s great news. We are very happy that the Ministry once again showed how much it appreciates our work – says Izabela Helbin, Director of the Krakow Festival Office. – Throughout the years we have spared no effort to acquire as much external funding as possible to develop and perfect our festivals. In our view, this is how we should think about culture nowadays .

This year, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage decided to provide financial support to the UNESCO project: Krakow – City of Literature (PLN 150,000), as well as the following festivals: Sacrum Profanum (PLN 600,000 ) and Grolsch ArtBoom Festival (PLN 200,000). Under a three-year grant (for the years 2014-2016), the sum of PLN 1,800,000 will be added to the budget of the Misteria Paschalia Festival.

In addition Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage – a project co-funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism received support amounting to PLN 402,300.

It is worth noting that festivals co-organised by the Krakow Festival Office also received co-funding under a three-year promise (for the years 2013-2015): The Conrad Festival (organised jointly with the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation) will obtain PLN 240,000 and the Divine Comedy Festival (organised jointly with the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre) PLN 450,000 from the Ministry. The Miłosz Festival (organised jointly with the Miasto Literatury Foundation) will receive PLN 350,000 (for the years 2014-2016).

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