Meeting with Wiesław Myśliwski

The Znak publishing house invites everyone for the 15th meeting in the Dorwać Mistrza (Get the Master) series. Starring – Wiesław Myśliwski, joined by: Wojciech Bonowicz and Przemysław Czapliński, fragments of the latest book of the author – Ostatnie rozdanie – read by Jerzy Trela, hosted by Polish Radio Programme 3’s reporter, Dariusz Bugalski. See you this Thursday (the 10th of October) at 6  p.m., at Stanisław Wyspiański Stage of the Ludwik Solski State Drama School (ul. Straszewskiego 22). PLEASE NOTE: Entry only with invitations – to be collected at the State Drama School’s ticket office (from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) The number of spaces is limited.

The inspiration for the meeting is the latest book of Wiesław Myśliwski – Ostatnie rozdanie – another prose masterpiece we have been waiting for several years. Myśliwski publishes rarely, takes his time to write, in accordance with the view that books should be written only if you really feel there is no other way out (…), when you are certain that you really have something to say to another person.

Ostatnie rozdanie  is a “total” work that aims at encompassing all of human experience, touch the mystery of existence. It encourages one to think, it does not teach, it does not preach, and it does not judge. It shows life with its good and bad sides. It is a philosophical, multidimensional novel touching on the theme of a human being and human fate suspended between coincidence and necessity. Perfectly constructed, it encourages to be read many times – every time allowing for the discovery of new dimensions and perspectives. The novel’s pace makes the reader immerse fully in it and give in to its irresistible stream of words.

Dorwać Mistrza [Get The Master]  is a proposition of meetings organised by the Znak publishing house since 2007. Such a provoking title is not coincidental. The aim of this series is to make the Masters come down from their pedestal, to invite them to an inspiring exchange of thoughts and sometimes to provoke them into taking part in an intellectual happening. A few years back, the community of the Znak publishing house initiated the Flying University, and the meetings’ guests included: Czesław Miłosz, Władysław Bartoszewski, Ryszard Kapuściński. The inhabitants of Krakow liked the idea, and the meetings were attended by real crowds that no university hall could fit in. In time, Znak’s Flying University was transformed into Tischner European University, and the idea of open discussion meetings has a life of its own and results in many public activities of Krakow’s publishing houses and higher education schools.

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