Meeting with the author of 12 Jewish stories

You are invited to the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow (18 Dajwór Street) to a meeting with Anka Grupińska, the author of 12 opowieści żydowskich, to be held on 13 March, at 6.00 pm. Admission is free!

The heroes of the twelve stories have many things in common: they spent their childhood and youth in inter-war Poland, they survived the Holocaust and stayed in Poland after the war. But they are different in many respects. They originate from different Jewish families – some well-off and some poor, some traditional and some assimilated, religious, members of Zionist or Bund movements. They have different experiences and world views. Several decades having passed, they talk about their childhood, their parents and grandparents, their everyday life and holidays, their schools, fellow students and teachers. They talk about the Shoah and the sometimes difficult life in the Polish People’s Republic. Thanks to Anka Grupińska’s book that world of the past is revived in their stories – warm, moving and sometimes tragic.

Places, leaving, fleeing, returning; holidays, tastes, mixed, juxtaposed; Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, Germans and Russians in the rapids of the river of history. Twelve Jewish stories. Each of them is a frenzied race through the memories of those who have survived, a race through the 20th century. Intimate stories, painful, stripped of any attempts at aestetisation. Anka Grupińska was here just in time to write them down. And a true book was created.

Mirosław Bałka

12 Jewish stories allow us to plunge into a world which we wouldn’t have a chance to experience otherwise. Words are supplemented by photos from private collections of the people featured in the book. Family portraits, excursions, holidays, weddings: life.

Patrycja Bukalska, tygodnik.onet.pl

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