Malopolska Trail of Awards and Festivals

Malopolska is not only a large number of places associated with life and work of writers, but the here and the now of literature – festivals and awards, which are many in our region. The virtual trail which has just started will guide us through numerous Malopolska awards and festivals connected with literature – the Kościelski Award, the Wisława Szymborska Award, the Rev. Józef Tischner Award, the Kazimierz Wyka Award, and most importantly, the  Conrad and the Miłosz Literature Festivals.


In Malopolska we also give awards to best French books, translators and promoters of Polish literature abroad, best poetry books and books of broadly understood humanities. Following the trail of Malopolska awards and festivals we will learn what awards are given to writers in our region, motivating them to further work and increasing the Malopolska’s potential in the field of literature.


In a week, on 14th April, we will invite you on the trail of Children’s Literature Publishers and Heroes. For more details follow us on the Reading Malopolska portal!


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