Literature on the 27th Jewish Culture Festival – see the photos!

Literature on the 27th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, co-organized by us for the third time already, has come to an end.For nine hot days of June and July, at the Krakow Kazimierz District, under the theme of “Common Jerusalem – Jerusalem of communities”, we discussed the complicated and non-uniform identity, as well as the overwhelming charm of cities at the edge of Asia and Europe, and about life in the shadow of religion at the verge of various cultures and traditions.

Our guests included Wojciech Jagielski – one of major Polish reporters in the recent decades, Charles King, author of literary biographies of Istanbul and Odessa, Max Cegielski, Paweł Smoleński, Marcin Gutowski, and many other outstanding writers, reporters, and academic researchers.Kids took part in the workshop with Daria Solak – author of illustrations to the book Ala ma kota. A Ali?, learning first sentences in several languages of the world; we also printed unique notebooks, learning the techniques of traditional printing in the special Józef Rakoczy laboratory at the Museum of Municipal Engineering.At the end of the literary trail, during a walk with Łukasz Orbitowski, we could visit less known and less remembered image of Kazimierz from the turn of the 1980’s and the 1990’s.

See the gallery of photos from some festival events!Photos by Szymon Makuch and Bartosz Dittmar.


Pasmo literackie na 27. FKŻ, fot. Bartosz Dittmar

Literature on the 27th Jewish Culture Festival, fot. Bartosz Dittmar

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