Literature differently. Accompanying events at the Conrad Festival

The Conrad Festival is not just about literature – it is also a time of intensive participation in culture. Accompanying events will allow a look at the invited artists and festival topics from a different perspective, they will add variety, and serve as entertainment and education.. The programme will include film screenings, exhibitions and programming directed primarily towards children.

For film lovers, the Festival organisers have chosen a variety of possibilities. On Monday, the film Errant Maps will be presented, telling the story of the journey of the most famous knight errant in Europe’s history – Don Quixote – whose adventures were recorded by Cervantes. The screening will be accompanied by a meeting with Magdalena Barbaruk and Wojciech Charchalis, hosted by Grzegorz Olszański. On Tuesday, Festival participants will have an opportunity to see Under the Skin – a film based on a novel by Michel Faber, who will also meet with readers on that day. On Wednesday, the cult 1990 Polish film Farewell to Autumn will be screened, starring Jan Peszek as Count Jędruś Łohoyski, and on Thursday, another Polish production, Ubu King, directed by Piotr Szulkin with Jan Peszek as Ubu. On Friday, we will see The Hours, directed by Stephen Daldry – an adaptation of the novel by Michael Cunningham, who will provide an introduction before the screening. On Saturday, the film Son of Saul, starring Géza Göhrig, who will also introduce the film. It looks like it will be an intense time for film lovers and everyone who would like to get to know the festival guests and their work.

Many festival events will be held in exhibition spaces. Participants of the Festival will have an opportunity to visit the Museum of the History of Photography, the Art Bunker Contemporary Art Gallery, the Gallery of the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University and the club-café Lokator. At the International Cultural Centre, there will be a talk about Professor Rudolf Weidl, a famous biologist, who conducted his studies in Krakow after World War II, and at the National Museum, a meeting with Krisztina Tóth, one of the best contemporary Hungarian writers will be hosted by Joanna Bator.

During the Festival, there will be plenty of attractions for children. Meetings designed for the youngest participants will focus on good and interesting books, published with great care. They will go beyond books, however, inspiring experimentation and individual discoveries. A rich workshop offer awaits the children – from typographic activities, through landscape architecture workshops, to classes on drawing emotions.

Participants will create a model of a housing estate and a green city, during art workshops with Ola and Daniel Mizeliński, they will set out on an incredible journey deep into the Earth and design diving suits. Guido Van Genechten will show children how to express a whole range of emotions using lines and colours. During the optical illusion workshops at the Museum of the History of Photography, they will find out about the construction of the eye, and during meetings with Adam Wajrak and Tomasz Samojlik, they will learn more about the Białowieża Forest. There will also be a premiere of a play for children, The Devil Never Sleeps, inspired by the book The Devil and Company by Agnieszka Taborska. Children’s events require prior registration through the website of the Children’s Literature Festival – a partner of the Conrad Festival (www.fldd.pl). Reservations can be made starting today at 12:00 PM.


There will be plenty of variety during this year’s Festival – everyone will surely find something to enjoy. The organisers of the event – the City of Krakow, the Krakow Festival Office and the Tygodnik Powszechny Foundation – encourage you to familiarise yourselves with the programme and choose your own path through the Conrad Festival.

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