Let’s take books to the streets!

We once again encourage: let’s take books to the streets, let’s all change the fact that books are associated with libraries only. The second edition of a competition for artists, accompanying the Conrad Festival, is being launched under the theme of Book – the Perfect Medium. We are waiting for designs of original installations inspired by books and which can be executed in the public space. We will present the most interesting idea during the festival in Krakow’s Market Square.

We are waiting for submissions until the 9th of September 2012 at: pomysl@conradfestival.pl. They will be evaluated by a jury including L.U.C., who is preparing a new literary campaign in Krakow in the autumn, the details of which he will reveal soon. We will find out who the winner of the main prize of PLN 5,000 (to be allotted for the project’s execution) is on the 13th of September. Let’s get to work!

This year, works may be submitted in one category only: outdoor. We are counting on your creativity. Designs taking the nature and the specificity of the place into consideration, the possibility to interact with the audience and which are interdisciplinary and innovative in nature are particularly welcome. The following documents need to be attached to the submission: the author’s portfolio, the visualisation of the design in a particular space, a short description and technical specification, description of the completion, and the substantiation of the choice of a particular display site.

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