KsięgoZbiór in the Jordan Park

On Tuesday (the 13th of August) a campaign entitled KsięgoZbiór [Book Collection] will be held in Krakow for the first time. We would like to invite all book lovers to join us in the Jordan Park at 6 p.m. In order to participate in KsięgoZbiór, simply come with a book you are currently reading. The campaign is about a group of people reading together within the public space. Its originators come from Łódź, where the first edition of the campaign took place in October 2011.

Any city, town or village can join the campaign now. This year’s edition will last from the 1st to the 15th of August and residents of 33 towns and cities all over Poland will read together.

More information on the campaign is available at: ksiegozbior.weebly.com

Photo Małgorzata Strzelecka
Source: krakow.pl

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