Krakow takes part in the UNESCO Cities of Literature meeting!

A meeting of all UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature is slated to take place from the 20th to the 25th of May, and during this event, the most important plans and challenges for the next year will be discussed. As many as 46 delegates from 28 cities will participate in workshops and discussions to establish wider international cooperation. This meeting is also an opportunity for each of the cities to present their best practices – in the case of Krakow, it is about Planet Lem and the bookstore support programme. Elżbieta Foltyniak, who represents Krakow – UNESCO City of Literature, will also host a session on international residency programs.

The meeting will be held in two British cities: Norwich and Nottingham, who are joining forces for a couple days to become the literary heart of the world, dubbed “Nottwich.” In previous years such meetings were also held in Barcelona and Iowa City.

UNESCO Cities of Literature work together to create a worldwide partnership and literary links between cities and countries. Each city also carries out their own local programmes, engaging their residents in the dynamic literary life.

More about the Cities of Literature: krakowcityofliterature.com/networks/unesco-cities-of-literature/


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