Krakow celebrates its 1 year anniversary as a member of the CIties of Literature Network

We doubt if there is still someone who does not know about it! From the distant Tatra valleys to the seaside resorts, the happy news that Krakow joined the UNESCO Cities of Literature network was spread far and wide. How could it not be? Literary Krakow has served as an epicenter of Polish literature and writing for centuries and now, it has been also recognized for its contemporary and vibrant literary community and activities as well with the prestigious UNESCO title!

Therefore, on Oct. 19 on Krakow’s Main Market we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the city’s membership in a wonderful literary cohort that includes: Edinburgh, Melbourne, Dublin, Iowa City, Reykjavik and Norwich.

So let’s spread the word and joy all around the world with hundreds of multi-colored balloons proclaiming the best literary news!

Balloons will go up into the sky from the Town Hall on Sunday 19 October at 12:00.

This is not the end of the attractions! We’ll welcome back to the Main Square the colorful life-sized letters that will read: Krakow UNESCO City of Literature!

More information about the title of Krakow UNESCO City of Literature can be found on the website: http://krakowcityofliterature.com/

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