Krakow Book Salon

Next Wednesday (7th May) at 6.30 pm you are invited to Krzysztofory Palace for the next meeting from the Krakow Book Salon series . This time we will present the catalogue Świat Lajkonika. Konik na świecie (The Lajkonik’s World. The Hobby Horse) accompanying the Historical Museum’s temporary exhibition under the same title on display at Krzysztofory Palace and the Zwierzyniec House. Magdalena Kwiecińska PhD, Elżbieta Lang, Barbara Rosiek and Andrzej Iwo Szoka will take part in the meeting. The discussion will be moderated by Marcin Baran.

The colourful Lajkonik pageant emanates energy and highlights the inspiring courage of Zwierzyniec bargemen who did not hesitate to struggle against the powerful invader. It is highly unlikely that the legendary battle between the bargemen and the Tatars was a historical fact, but its universal message of civic responsibility of simple folks for their country doesn’t need to be confirmed by additional evidence. Lajkonik is a story, a ritual, a show, a tourist attractions, but first of all one of the city’s founding myth. The beginnings of the rite and the myth belong to the past. 

How distant past? Do we find here any traces of Świętowit’s sacred horses worshipped in pagan rites? Is Krakow the only place whose symbol is a half-human, half-horse? Answers to these question and many more to be found at the meeting of the Krakow Book Salon.

Admission is free. Don’t miss out!

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