KFASON attacks for the fifth time!

Voivodeship Public Library in Krakow invites for the 5th edition of the Krakow Festival of Fear, Disgust and Anxiety Amateurs (Polish abbreviation: KFASON), which will take place on 21st October 2017 in Arteteka (12, Rajska Street, entrance from Szujski Street).

Some authors and artists from Krakow can be met during the panel discussions and lectures this year. Among others, Joanna Pypłacz, Kazimierz Kyrcz Jr, Michał Gacek, Rafał Szłapa and Bartłomiej Sala confirmed their attendance. The authors and representatives of Videograf and GMORK publishing houses (among others Marta Krajewska, Piotr Kulpa, Juliusz Wojciechowicz, and Marek Zychla) will also be guests at the Festival.

Right after KFASON the 3rd edition of Stefan Grabiński Polish Horror Literature Award Gala will be held. The books by Carla Mori, Wojciech Gunia, Artur Urbanowicz, and Juliusz Wojciechowicz have been nominated for this award.

As a part of the Festival, it will be possible to enjoy the exhibition called “Widziadła” (the Phantoms) in the Main Check-out Hall of the Voivodeship Public Library between 5tOctober and 12tDecember. The exhibition is co-organised with the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Antoni Kenar Art School Complex in Zakopane, and by Jan Matejko Art High School in Nowy Wiśnicz.

Krakow Festival Office is the co-organiser of the 5th Edition of the Festival, whereas Krakow UNESCO City of Literature is the Programme operator.

Detailed schedule of the event will be available soon on www.rajska.info and FB/kfason

Admissions to all events are free. There is an age limit of 16+.


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