Is this the end of Polish Himalayan mountaineering?

On Thursday (15th May), at 6.00 pm you are invited to the open meeting with authors of the book Broad Peak. Niebo i piekło at Pod Globusem Bookshop (1 Długa Street). The meeting will be moderated by Łukasz Wojtusik.

Is the Broad Peak tragedy the end of Polish Himalayan mountaineering as we know it? The authors try to find an answer to this question, following the events of the Polish Broad Peak expedition in 2013 step by step. They have dramatic talks with witnesses, friends and families of the victims of the tragic accident. The book is a vivisection of Polish Himalayan mountaineering ethics. The authors also write about the limits of passion. Is climbing a hymn of freedom or should we rather call the world’s highest mountains the Himalayas of egotism?

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