How have I started? #1 Meeting with Łukasz Orbitowski

Kraków UNESCO City of Literature invites to a new series of meetings created with writing novices in mind. Guests of the series “How have I started” are award-winning writers who will tell us about their first steps on the publication market. How did they issue their first texts? How did they seek motivation and perfected their method? What advice can they give beginner writers?

The first guest in the series is Łukasz Orbitowski, the author of Inna dusza, Horror Show and other stories. The meeting will be moderated by Maria Kula.

Where did the idea of the meeting come from?

Sometimes we forget that renowned writers also had problems to start on the publication market. Problems with establishing the first contacts, reading the first negative critical reviews, or simply painstakingly trying to find a publisher who will look favourably at an unknown debut writer have not been familiar to now beginning writers. The beginners who look up at successful writers believe that if their first literary works are not great, there is no reason to try further.

The meetings are aimed to show that writing is a method, a skill which can be learned and then perfected and trained. The talk with Łukasz Orbitowski will involve questions about his beginnings on the publication market, about his first texts, first mistakes, exercises to develop his writing method and seeking motivation to continue his writing career, and how to combine writing with a job to earn the living.

The conversation will offer useful tips for the beginner writer – some ready guidelines to be implemented in the creative process. The talks are aimed to give motivation, because we will finally learn that writing is not only inborn talent, but also hard work.

During the meeting Łukasz Orbitowski will also run some exercises in the area of his writing speciality – so every participants will have the opportunity to test the tips and write his/her own text.

The idea of the series was conceived by Maria Kula who will moderate the meeting.


28 June, 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm
De Revolutionibus Bookshop
Organiser: Krakow UNESCO City of Literaturepod Globusem Bookshop



Łukasz Orbitowski | Maria Kula

Łukasz Orbitowski | Maria Kula

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