Haiku. Haiku mistrzów – meeting with Ryszard Krynicki

The a5 publishing house and the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow have the pleasure to invite you to a meeting devoted to the long-awaited volume of Ryszard Krynicki’s poetry – Haiku. Haiku mistrzów (Haiku. Haiku of Masters).

The first collection of poems by one the leading contemporary poets have written in the last eight years contains so far unpublished haikus which he has created over a dozen years or so, as well as poems which show his approach to this form of poetic expression and translations of Japanese masters. Next to the author, another participant in the meeting is Agnieszka Żuławska – Umeda, a Polish born Japanese linguist, translator of Japanese literature, an outstanding specialist in haiku and renku poetry.

The meeting will be moderated by Anna Nasiłowska
Monday, 8th December, 6.00 pm
Main Hall, Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology
26. Marii Konopnickiej Street

Admission is free. Don’t miss out!

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