Głaskologia. A soirée with Miłosz Brzeziński

Thursday, the 14th of November, 6 p.m.
The Księgarnia Pod Globusem bookstore, ul. Długa 1, Krakow

The Księgarnia Pod Globusem bookstore would like to invite you to a meeting with the author of Głaskologia, Miłosz Brzeziński. The meeting will be hosted by Magdalena Miśka-Jackowska.

Głaskologia is a popular-scientific book, unique in every respect. Every Pole should read it. Each parent, boss, subordinate, politician, journalist, coach, each husband and wife, each seller and accountant… Everyone who wants to feel good for longer than for a few moments and everyone who wants to have a positive influence on others and give them a boost of energy. Everyone who wants to keep their job, get a promotion or build a relationship based on trust, understanding and permanent interest in the other person.

Miłosz Brzeziński is a business consultant, mentor of AIP Business Link, member of the Think Tank council of experts, certified coach of the International Coaching Community, and academic teacher. He published tens of articles on using psychology in business. He is the author of five provocative books on implementing changes in the work environment and the home environment: Pracować i nie zwariować, Biznes czyli kupa ludzi, Życiologia, Jak pies z Kotem, and Głaskologia. He also made a guest appearance in Dekalog Szczęścia as an expert on organising the business environment. He also expresses his opinions and comments in magazines such as Duży Format and Playboy and newspapers such as Gazeta Wyborcza and Polska The Times. He has his own column on psychology at work in the InterCity train magazine W podróży. Miłosz Brzeziński carries out analyses on the air of TVN, TVN CNBC, TVP, the Polish Radio, RMF, and Antyradio. He is a regular weekly guest of the morning programme on Polish Radio Four.

We encourage you to check out the author’s blog at: www.miloszbrzezinski.pl

Admission is free. You are most welcome to come!

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