Free E-Books For the Third Time With Czytaj KRK!

There will be no queues, no shortage of goods and no need to pay! These wonders will happen, and not for the first time! On the 21st of November, the next round of the Czytaj KRK! Campaign, already the third one this year, is starting. In Krakow, thanks to the mobile application, we will read 10 best-selling e-books for free. On the virtual shelf, this time you will find books by Szczepan Twardoch, Agata Passent, Elton John, Adam Zagajewski, Przemek Kossakowski, Szymon Hołownia, and others. Scan and read!

In the coming November evenings, we will be warmed up by strong coffee and powerful literature, thanks to the Czytaj KRK! application. QR codes, enabling the free lending of books, will be found on stands placed on the tables in Krakow cafés and pubs. Traditionally, nearly 100 posters will be distributed in Krakow libraries and cultural institutions. The complete list of locations is to be found at www.qr.miastoliteratury.pl.

To be able to use the Czytaj KRK! application, you just need a smart phone or a tablet equipped with Android or iOS operational system. Similarly to previous rounds, also this time the down-loaded e-books will remain active for 30 days. Czytaj KRK! is an unprecedented joint project of the Krakow Festival Office and Woblink, a Polish leading e-book platform.

The books offered in the third round are:

  • Czy jesteś psychopatą (English original title: The Psychopath Test)by Jon Ronson (Wydawnictwo Insignis)
  • B jak Bauhaus. Alfabet współczesności (English original title: B is for Bauhaus: An A-Z of the Modern World)by Deyan Sudjic (Wydawnictwo Karakter)
  • Morfina by Szczepan Twardoch (Wydawnictwo Literackie)
  • Elton John. Miłość jest lekarstwem. O życiu, pomaganiu i stracie (English original title: Love Is the Cure: On Life, Loss, and the End of AIDS) by Elton John (Wydawnictwo Sine Qua Non)
  • Kto to Pani zrobił? by Agata Passent (Wydawnictwo Wielka Litera)
  • Staś i Nel by Leszek Talko (Wydawnictwo Znak Emotikon)
  • Holyfood by Szymon Hołownia (Wydawnictwo Znak)
  • Asymetria by Adam Zagajewski (Wydawnictwo a5)
  • Bursztynowa dziewczyna. Anna Jantar we wspomnieniach by Mariola Pryzwan (Wydawnictwo Marginesy)
  • Na granicy zmysłów by Przemek Kossakowski (Wydawnictwo Otwarte)

We remind you that people outside Krakow, unable to scan QR codes from data carriers available in the city, can read for free excerpts from all books presented in this round, thanks to the Czytaj KRK! application. At www.qr.miastoliteratury.pl, you will find all information concerning the campaign and the list of books available.

Czytaj KRK! is an expansion of the 2013 project known as the Virtual Library of Krakow. It involved placing posters that resembled full bookcases at bus and tram stops in six Polish cities, featuring QR codes that, after having been scanned, allowed to download free excerpts from nearly 70 latest and bestselling books. This unprecedented campaign, aimed at the promotion of reading with the use of modern technologies, attracted the attention of major national media and readers. The free excerpts had nearly 20 000 downloads in total.

The publishers participating in the third round of the campaign are: Insignis, Karakter, Sine Qua Non, Znak Emotikon, Znak, Marginesy, a5, Wielka Litera, Wydawnictwo Literackie and Wydawnictwo Otwarte.

The books are recommended by the campaign’s media patrons: LubimyCzytać.pl web portal, Radio Kraków and the Dziennik Polski daily.

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