Follow the trail of writers’ favourite restaurants

You are invited to join us on Friday 4th April, at 8.00 pm, on the trail of restaurants and bars which inspired our finest writers. You will hear the story of Zwis, Klub Kulturalny, Piękny Pies and Jaszczury. You will learn which club took its name in honour of Poland’s restored independence, where the Office of the master from Świetlicki’s crime novels was located and who made a striptease in Klub Kulturalny.

The organisers will recommend a few dozens of books on Krakow restaurants, e.g. Jerzy Pilch’s, Marcin Świetlicki’s, Sławomir Łuczak’s, Maciej Piotr Prus’ and Gaja Grzegorzewska’s works.


Agnieszka Pudełko and Ania Hojwa will be your guides.

We are meeting on 4th April, at 8.00 pm, on the Main Market Square at Mitoraj’s Head.

Tickets: PLN 10
Follow us on the trail!


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