February is national short-story-writing month

Following the model of American literary contests which involve attempts made by the public at writing in a given month, Ha!art has declared February 2014 national short-story-writing month.
We are looking forward to receiving your texts, which – we hope – will surprise us, show us new paths for the development of Polish literature and will help you to reach readers. We have set some simple rules: your short stories must be begun and completed in 2014, and the authors should have never published in our magazine before. We will be waiting for your texts until 11:59 pm on the 28th of February 2014. Our group of writers and journalists will then collectively select the best stories which will be published in the 45th issue of Ha!art. We will pay you some paltry fee, as is usual in the periodical press, and will invite you to Krakow for a reading series and will find you readers. Surprise us!
The texts should be sent to korporacja@ha.art.pl with the comment: „Luty narodowym miesiącem pisania opowiadań”.
Also until the end of February 2014, you can send contributions to anniversary issue No 45 of Ha!art.
To mark the 16th anniversary of Ha!art magazine we are opening our first 2014 issue to our Readers. Please send us your critical reviews, reportages, diary excerpts or other texts. Invent new literary genres for us! Let’s change the roles – now we shall be glad to be your readers and we will establish cooperation with you. There is only one rule: contributors must never have published in Ha!art before.

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