Fantastic September with creative writing

This September, Krakow UNESCO City of Literature will focus on the celebration of the 96th anniversary of Stanisław Lem’s birthday, commemorating one of the most famous Polish writers, the author of such sci-fi masterpieces as Solaris and The Futurological Congress. Those who wish to follow in his footsteps are invited to experience a month of fantasy-related literary workshops.

On 11 September, Kawiarnia Literacka will host another event within the “Meetings with Editors” cycle as part of the Stanisław Lem’s birthday celebration programme. The guest of Maria Kula this time will be Katarzyna Kosik, co-founder of the Powergraph publishing company that specialises in fantasy literature and has issued books by e.g. Szczepan Twardoch, Wit Szostak, Jacek Dukaj and Łukasz Orbitowski, as well as Rafał Kosik’s bestselling series about the adventures of Felix, Net and Nika. Similarly to other meetings with editors, this one will also aim at enabling aspirant writers to learn about publishing market rules and editors’ expectations of debutants.

On 30 September, another creative writing workshop will take place, held by Michał Cetnarowski, writer, journalist and editor, associated with such magazines as Czas Fantastyki and Nowa Fantastyka. It will be an extraordinary meeting: inasmuch as the weekend workshops to date have been hosted by writers, this one will shift the focus to the editorial aspect. To participate in the workshop, please send us a maximum three-page fragment of a fantasy/sci-fi story on any subject by 18 September. Authors of the six best pieces will be invited to a whole-day meeting to work on their texts together with Michał Cetnarowski. Their one day’s work will result in their texts being honed to perfection and their authors being enriched by clues from an experienced editor, which the future writers can put into practice when making a debut.

The beginning of autumn will also bring the third edition of the UNESCO City of Literature Creative Writing Course, this time concerning novel of manners. As in previous editions, from many applications we have selected twelve texts whose authors will prepare for their powerful debuts for five workshop-packed months. The course participants will sharpen their writing skills under the tutelage of the most famous and acclaimed figures in modern Polish literature, such as Mariusz Czubaj, Sylwia Chutnik and Anna Dziewit-Meller. As usual, we decided to combine theory with practice. Therefore, workshops will be held by writers as well as editors, representatives of literary agencies and publishing companies, a creativity psychologist and an image-creation specialist. Filip Modrzejewski, editor in W.A.B., will be watching over the group right from the start. Nearly half a year of hard work will be a worthy deal: fragments of future novels will be compiled in an anthology in late January 2018, which will be published as an e-book and then sent to leading publishing houses, including recommendations of the best texts and authors.

The course, the concept of which has been developed by Karolina Macios and Magdalena Zielińska – editors with many years of experience in the publishing sector – is a part of the programme for supporting literary debuts in Krakow UNESCO City of Literature. The programme also includes the yearly Conrad Award, granted to distinguish the best debutants and help them continue careers, as well as monthly weekend writing workshops with prosaists, journalists and reporters organised as part of the Creative Writing Course series.

More information on the website: www.pisz.miastoliteratury.pl

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