Famous Krakow’s Writers’ House has finally got its monograph!

Wszystkie drogi prowadzą na Krupniczą [All roads lead to Krupnicza Street] is a long-awaited novel about the legendary house inhabited since 1945 by the brightest stars of Polish literature. The book is the result of long research by Anna Grochowska. This is yet another publication published under the patronage of Krakow UNESCO City of Literature.

People who lived here include a representative of the Young Poland trend, Artur Górski, Witkacy’s widow – Jadwiga Witkiewiczowa, who cared after his legacy, and Anna Brzozowska, the daughter of Stanisław Brzozowski, through the “pope of the avant-garde” Tadeusz Peiper – representatives of generation 1910, the Columbus generation, the socrealist generation, generation ’56, the New Wave, and generation ’76. Important names can be found here, such as: Wisława Szymborska, Sławomir Mrożek, Tadeusz Różewicz, Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, Jerzy Andrzejewski, Halina Poświatowska, Anna Świrszczyńska, Stefan Kisielewski, and many others.

The book about the Writers’ House is a result of long research by Anna Grochowska, who did her job really well.She reconstructed the lists of former tenants, investigated yet unpublished archives, conducted many interviews with living residents at 22 Krupnicza Street, and searched through memoirs, diaries, correspondence, and other written testimonies.As a result, in the book Wszystkie drogi prowadzą na Krupniczą [All roads lead to Krupnicza Street], apart from many anecdotes, we can find fundamental, often unique information related to the Writers’ House, perceive its history at the background of socio-political transformations in Poland, and look at the most vivid residents of the Writers’ House.

Anna Grochowska, Wszystkie drogi prowadzą na Krupniczą

Anna Grochowska, Wszystkie drogi prowadzą na Krupniczą


Anna Grochowska (1987) – graduate from the Polish Philology and Art History, lecturer at the Faculty of Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University.Founder and editor of the “cieżkami pisarzy [On Writers’ Paths] series.Researcher in the “Cracoviana” and born Cracovian, yogi.Holder of a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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