Conrad Festival without events for kids? Never!

Without children, there is no future for literature, let alone literary festivals. Conrad Festival is one of those initiatives that was aware of this simple fact from the very beginning. Hence the consistently growing presence of literature for children at the festival. Therefore, all hands on deck, set the sails, book in hand and full speed ahead!

We will devote two days of the festival to the youngest – Saturday and Sunday. The first day is kicked off with the event in the Cinema Under the Rams and ‘The Little Prince’ in an refreshing and original approach by Mark Osborne. Later awaits a meet & greet with Benjamin Chaud and Ramona Badescu, creators of the book series ‘Pomelo’ – where they’ll talk about how the books came to be what they are.

What connects Conrad Festival and the youngest readers? It’s simple – like travelling, therefore we invite you on a short journey around the Main Market – All Aboard!  Literary Travels with Conrad. As a part of the workshops, we’ll talk about what and where to travel, but also, how not to get lost on the way. To help with that you will meet two outstanding travelers: Agnieszka Taborska and  Agnieszka Stelmaszyk. Before the children there are still even more events to come, where they can develop their imagination and awaken a desire to travel! At the Cartographic-Literary Workshops the children will meet Szymon Kloska.

On the second day, we enter The Fascinating World of Bees – there to tell you about the unusual habits of these beneficial insects, is Piotr Socha, the author of the new large-format album ‘Bees’. In the workshops, the youngsters will be able to learn the basics of being a beekeeper and how to build beehives.

During the theater workshops, Let’s Create a Fairytale! with Wioletta Szuba-Franczak, participants will be invited to improvise their own story about wonderful monsters (the starting point will be Maurice Sendak’s book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’), and create a sound and a moving illustration.

Grzegorz Kasdepke is (or should!) be known as the longtime editor of ‘Swiersczyka’ and author of children’s books. During the meeting ‘Fairytales and other oddities’ he will talk about what he does best. It would also be worth going to the second Literary Baranki for Kids, where you’ll see ‘Adventures of Mazowiecki’s Dumplings’. After the screening there will be art activities for the children.

Conrad Festival together with the Festival of Literature for Children welcomes you!

The events for children at the Conrad Festival is organized in collaboration with the Festival of Literature for Children.

Admission to all events is free of charge, upon reservation for selected events at the e-mail: rejestracja@fldd.pl or at the phone number: (12) 421-29-41.

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